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From the production begining FAER has sold over 300.000 machines in 44 countries in 4 continents. This has been possible because of the large range of models, with their capacity to satisfy all the different requirements technological and of the market.
Today FAER operates in the new very modern plant in Roma, via di Valleranello. In this new palnt are in operation the most technically advanced CNC machines tool in Europe, for the production of traction machines for elevators.

Thanks to this advanced technology today FAER manufactures and export all over the world about 3.600 machines per year with a staff of only 24 higly specialized technicians.

The FAER Srl (Fabbrica Argani per Elevatori Roma) company was founded on 1958 by Gastone Sforazzini after having manufactured from 1930 to 1958 thousands units of machines tool (lathers, grinders, boring machines and so on…), and starts the production of traction machines for elevators with n° 8 technicians in the factory located in Roma, via Torre Branca.
After two years the production of the models PM350 (machine for 4 persons) and PM450 (machine for 6 persons), increases quickly and on the year 1964 the production reaches n° 500 traction machines. During that years Bruno and Elio, sons of the FAER founder, enters in the company and at the present are the managers. On 1972 Gastone Sforazzini engineers and manufactures the new traction machines of “PF” series.

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Our company offers different services related to the machines produced according to the needs of our customers, from accessories aimed at the implementation of recent machines to spare parts for the replacement of components of any year, without neglecting the assistance after sales …


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